Jonah 1-2

Today I read the first two chapters in Jonah.  In these two chapters, Jonah recieves the word of the Lord that he should go to Nineveh and tell them of their wickedness to God.  However Jonah does not want to do that and instead trys to run away from God.  He gets on a ship to sail away, but a big storm comes up.  The sailors throw Jonah overboard which calms the storm .  Jonah is then swallowed up by a big fish and stays inside the fish for three days and three nights before the fish lets him go onto the land.

There are a number of things that I saw in these chapters.  For one, God’s will will be accomplished no matter what you try to do to deter it.  God wanted Jonah to go to Nineveh, and so although Jonah tried to run away, that wasn’t going to change God’s plan.   And, what amazing ways He used to complete what He wanted to happen!…to be thrown into the sea by the sailors to get you off the boat and swallowed by a fish so that you don’t drowned and get you back to dry land.


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