Psalm 119:113-176

I finished Psalm 119 today.  Here is a verse that I have been thinking about today, from my reading: Great are Thy tender mercies, O Lord… (Psalm 119:56a).  You know, God’s blessings on us really are so great!  Thinking about how merciful He has been to me, made me ask myself, how much do I thank Him for all of those mercies?  I realized that I don’t do it nearly enough.  A majority of the time that I spend praying, I spend praying for myself and other people and not nearly enough time praising and thanking Him for all of His mercies to me.  So I have been realizing again how merciful  He has been to me and that has been making me see my need to thank Him for that much more than I do. 

Tomorrow, my mom and I will be going down to Wichita.  My grandma is in the hospital, and so we will be going down to visit her.  We probably won’t be home until Wednesday afternoon.  Because of that I won’t be able to post about my Bible reading for the days that I’m gone.  So, if I have time, I’ll try to post extra about what I’ve been reading, when I get home. 

Please do pray from my grandma who is in the hospital, and for me and my mom as we go down to Wichita.  Thank you!


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