Recounting the Mercies of God

Reading from the Psalms lately, I’ve been noticing how, often the Psalm writers recount what the Lord did for them.  Also I noticed in Psalm 78 it says that Israel forgot the mighty deed that the Lord had done for them.  This got me thinking.  If it’s done so many times throughout the Psalms, don’t you think it is a good idea to often think back on what God has done for you?

Think about the children of Isreal.  They quite quickly forgot what the Lord had done for them, and so, as soon as things didn’t go the way they wanted them to, they began to complain about their situation.  

So spend time remembering what God has done for you in your life.  In so doing you will be following a good example from the Psalm writers.  You will be able to bring more glory to God by doing this; as you think back on it, you will better be able to praise God for what he has done.  And also this should make you more joyful in trials.  When you go through trials, if you are remembering what God has done for you other times, you shouldn’t complain so easily because you will know that God is able to take care of you through your trial.


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  1. Good thought! I just started reading the Psalms again a few days ago. That will be something good to think about as I continue. Thinking about what God has done in our lives will also give us something to praise God for in our prayers. Hope your prayer life is getting better again.


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