God is Good…

…to give us the Church!  I am once again reminded how thankful I am that we were able to become part of Christ Fellowship!!! I never used to quite understand how that the Church is a family, but now I am really seeing it. 

You don’t have to be afraid to open up to the other believers, or put on a ‘happy, church face’ each Sunday.  If your facing a struggle, you don’t have to pretend everything is wonderful, and then go home and face it yourself.  Instead, share your struggles and victories, and encourage and rejoice with one another.

We had a really good meeting Sunday.  Not because everyone is having wonderful lives.  We have so many need that were shared Sunday.  But it was wonderful to be able to hear what other are going through and cry out to God for them, learn together, and worship God.  May He get glory even through our weakness!  May he be exaulted through our lives!  May His name be made great!


please share your thoughts!

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