Look at Jesus Only

I just picked up ‘The Hiding Place’, flipped somewhere near the middle, and started reading a bit.  I’ve heard it’s a great book, and know the story line, but that’s it.

 Betsie and Corrie are in a Nazi concentration camp.  (Forgive me if I get some of the details wrong.  I haven’t actually read the book.)  One of the worst women’s camps during the War, if I remember correctly.  I’ll leave you to imagine the details – they’re pretty brutal.  Anyway, the two of them, along with a lot of other prisoners, are shoveling up mud (for some useless purpose of some sort).  A guard comes along and starts shouting at Betsie because of how little work she is accomplishing (because she’s really weak).  Throughout this encounter with the guard, Betsie is whipped across the neck.  Corrie tries to defend her, but Betsie stops her, telling her not to mind it.

 And then the book says this ‘A read stain appeared on Betsie’s collar; a welt began to swell on her neck.  Betsie saw where I was looking and laid a bird-thin hand over the whip mark.  “Don’t look at it, Corrie.  Look at Jesus only.”  She drew away her hand: it was sticky with blood.’

 “Look at Jesus only”.  I can’t get over.  Seriously, I’m not just trying to be dramatic or anything.  I’m just amazed at how she could say that.  Christ had to be the most beautiful thing to her.

 It sounds strange to say that, because she didn’t have anything else beautiful in her life to look at.  But it seems like we make ourselves think at times that ugly things are beautiful.  Actually, beautiful isn’t the word that I mean right there.  More like pleasant, perhaps. Here’s what I mean.  Suppose, you were constantly thinking about how unhappy your life is.  That’s not a very happy thought, but somehow it’s pleasant to you, because if it wasn’t you would spend your time making a list of how many happy things you have in your unpleasant life.  You dwell on the thought (at least to some degree) because you enjoy doing so. 

 In the same way, Betsie could have spent time thinking on just how totally cruel these people were being.  She could have secretly thought about how much she disliked them.  If that’s what she had spent her time considering, you would think the thought brought her some pleasure.  But it didn’t.  Christ was the most beautiful one in her life.  The only one she took pleasure in looking at. 

Who or what do we find as the most beautiful thing in our life?  Would it be our Savior?


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  1. Amy, I am glad to see that you have read a part in the book “The Hiding Place” and just wait until you read the entire book :) it will surely become a possible favorite :) as it is to me and I am now on my 4th reading of this beautiful picture of God’s sustaining Grace. Enjoy!

    1. I just finished reading it. I think you’re right, it probably is one of my favorites. It is an amazing story of God’s grace. It causes me to be even more amazed at our Lord, who’s love is so great that even such terrible things can be endured, because ‘There is no pit so deep but that He is not deeper still.’ I can see why you’re on your 4th reading of it.

      See you Sunday,

  2. As soon as I can find the book (I know we have it somewhere), I plan to read it too. It sounds very inspiring. I’ve heard a lot about it from several people lately. And my mom just asked me the other day if I had ever read it and told me that I should. And I heard someone read a section from in on the radio a few weeks ago. Yeah, I really want to read it soon.

    If I could only find it,

  3. Yep, Laura, you ought to read it. It’s a great book! If you can’t find yours, we do have a copy which you could borrow.


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