Give Us Passion for Your Glory!

I’ve recently had a thought which I want to share with you all.  It’s not something new, or anything you don’t already know, but it’s good to be reminded of things. 

We must live our entire lives for the glory of God.  We must be passionate for His glory, not just when people are watching and noticing us, not just when it’s easy, and not just when it doesn’t require much.  Our passion for the glory of God must be demonstrated by the way we live our entire lives; by the way we live our lives when nobody is watching. 

Suppose I say that I’m passionate about missions – that I’m passionate that God’s name be made great throughout the earth and that we obey the great commission and “Go” to all the world.  That’s great – we should be passionate about that – but do I demonstrate it?  Do I demonstrate it by my actions when I’m alone?  It’s easy to go to prayer meetings with your friends and pray for missions.  It’s easy to write newsletters and blog posts urging people to pray.  It’s easy to research countries and people groups and share what you’ve learned with your church.  But are we actually praying for missions when we’re alone, when nobody is applauding us for our great passion for missions?  Are we spending hours praying for missions when we’re alone, when we’re tired, when we have plenty of other things that we could spend time on?  Or are all of those prayer resources just lying around our bedrooms unused?  Are our persecuted church prayer maps hanging on the backs of our doors, mission’s books sitting on our bookshelves, and prayer calendars lying by our beds making people think we really care, when in reality we won’t give of ourselves to pray?

Be passionate about God’s glory; be passionate about missions, but not just in public, not just when people are watching.  Be passionate about it when nobody is watching, when nobody knows, because that’s when you really demonstrate passion. 

Our lives need to prove that God’s glory is more important to us than anything else.  Our passion needs to be so great that even a lost world realizes that we truly care about it, even more than we care about our own lives. 

Oh Lord, give us such a passion for Your glory.  Show us who You are, and make us fall down on our faces and worship this great God!  Compel us to live our lives for You alone!


3 thoughts on “Give Us Passion for Your Glory!

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  1. Thanks for the comments! It’s nice to hear from you again, Elizabeth.

    I’m glad the post was encouraging. I was actually really writing to myself. I’m the one who has unused prayer resources lying around my bedroom. I’m the one who so often takes praise for myself that rightly belongs to the Lord. I’m the one who is convicted!

    Glory to God!

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