Spend Your (Entire) Life for the King!

It’s easy to talk about spending our lives for the Lord; perhaps, by going overseas to spread the gospel.  We’ll do it once we’re out of college.  Once we’re married, we’ll go. Then we’ll spend our lives for the glory of God.

That’s great!  But we need to remember that Christ did not tell us to follow Him once we’re out of college.  Christ did not say that when we reach a certain age then the time has arrived for us to start throwing ourselves passionately into service for Him.

Without exception Christ told all of His followers to take up their crosses daily.  It seems that we often think of serving the Lord with our lives as something that we ought to do in the future.   But it’s actually something we’re called to do right now.  Regardless of who you are, regardless of how old you are, regardless of your situation in life Christ is commanding you to follow Him now.  Christ is commanding me to follow Him.  He is commanding me to serve Him with all that I am; He is commanding me to spend my life for Him.  And He is commanding me to do so today, right now. It doesn’t matter that I’m only sixteen and haven’t even finished high school.  While the implications for me may be completely different than they are for someone who’s already grown and out of school, the call to spend our lives for Christ is the same. 

We’re called to live a radical Christianity – a Christianity that the world knows nothing of.  We’re to lay down our lives today and follow our King wherever He leads.  We must spend our lives for Him right now.  Even when we’re young, when we still live at home, when we’re not even out of high school.  Throw yourself into serving the Lord.  When you’re an adult, yes, but not just then.  Right now, and three months from now, and 20 years from now.  Spend your entire life for the King!


3 thoughts on “Spend Your (Entire) Life for the King!

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  1. Dear Amy,

    Wonderful post! That is so true.
    Thank you so much for you honest posts.

    Have you been enjoying the warm weather? It has been raining here for most of the day but it has been so warm that I currently have my windows open.

    I do have one wish though! I want to see sunshine again! :)

    Hope you are having a wonderful day…

    ~~~~ Enjoying Spring~~~

    Hannah Elise…

    1. Thank you for the comment, Hannah.

      Yes, this weather is so wonderful. I really like spring, and being able to open windows!

      You’re welcome for the post. =)


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