Obedience of Faith

Last night I was reading through some of my old notes from Jordan’s teaching from Romans.  His teaching on obedience has been extremally helpful to me, and so I thought I would post my notes for you all to read.  I hope these will be a blessing to you, as they have been to me!

Romans 2:12-29

(We began by going through the passage and finding characteristis of Jews who obey, Jews who disobey, Gentiles who obey, and Gentiles who disobey.  Below are the characteritics that Annie and I came up with.)

  • Jews who Obey: They are justified before God (13), their circumcision is of value (25), they have circumcision by the Spirit (29), and they receive praise from God (29).
  • Jews who Disobey: They are judged by the law (12), their circumcision becomes un-circumcision (25), they dishonor God (23), and because of their disobedience the Gentiles blaspheme God (24).
  • Gentiles who Obey:  They are a law to themselves (19), their un-circumcision becomes circumcision (26), they have circumcision by the Spirit (29), they receive praise from God (29), they are justified (13), and they judge the Jews who disobey (27).
  • Gentiles who Disobey: They perish without the law (12), and their secrets are judged through Christ (16).

What matters to God in the final analysis?  Obedience matters not our background.

What kind of obedience does God desire? Un-hypocritical, humble obedience of faith.  Obedience of faith is obedience that is motivated and comes from a heart of faith.  How do we practice obedience of faith?  Hear the Word of God and believe its truth, and then act accordingly.  We do this because we love God and want to obey Him.  Fear is not the primary motivation for this obedience. 

How can we apply “obedience of faith” to specific sins in our life?

  • By learning what God says about sin in general and specific sins in particular and acting accordingly.
  • By meditating on God’s word so that when the temptations come we can resist them.
  • By believing that there will be a good result and reward for our obedience
  • By crying out to the Lord for help and deliverance from our sins.
  • How we act is influenced by what we believe.  Therefore, we should identify our underlying belief about specific sins.

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  1. Hello Amy!
    Thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog….I always enjoy “meeting” new people through blogging! :)
    May the Lord bless your day!
    Love in Christ,

    1. Hi Annie!

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I enjoyed hearing from you. Yes, I too enjoy “meeting” others through blogging.

      I hope that you have a beautiful day yourself!


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