Ignite my Love, O God!

“Do you have any tips on how I could ignite my love for God?”

I received this question on my blog the other day. I’ve been thinking about it a lot recently, and I thought I’d share with you all some of the thoughts I’ve had. These are just a couple ideas that have been helpful to me in my own life.

1. E-mail a friend. That was what first came to mind when I read this question. That probably sounds pretty odd, but let me explain. Last summer, one of my friends and I started talking about our Spiritual lives. We both wanted much deeper prayer times. We wanted to really know God in our own lives. We didn’t exactly know how to go about it, but we began spending more time in the Word and prayer and then e-mailing each other what we were learning.

Find someone (perhaps you could do this with your parents, one of your siblings, or a good friend) who you can be learning with and sharing your thoughts and struggles with. It really is helpful!

(You can click here and here to see a couple posts my friend and I wrote about our time last summer.)

2. Pray – a lot! One of the things my friend and I did last summer was decide that one day a week, we’d get up an hour earlier than normal and spend the entire time praying. We tried it for one day. Then we both said to each other “We can’t wait another week to do this! Let’s do this every day!” As I recall, it was hard the first few days to spend so long in prayer at one time, and eventually we stopped getting up an hour early. But despite that, by the grace of God, we continued spending extra time in prayer, and the effect it had was amazing. It helped to keep us so much more focused on God throughout our day!

While you may not be able to get up an hour early, or spend an entire hour in prayer every day, making extra time for prayer is so necessary and beneficial.  I personally no longer get up an hour early each day, it’s something I hope to get back to doing.

3. Learn more about God! A while back I did a small ‘study’ on who God is. I went the through book of Isaiah, which is filled with meaningful descriptions of the Lord, and highlighted any that I came across. I’ve continued this throughout my reading in the Word, highlighting these passages and verses when I come across them.

Once you find descriptions of God, meditate on them. When you really meditate on them, you can’t help but have a passion for God. It really makes you awed at who He is, filled with love for Him, and humbled when you see how great He really is.

Also, I’ve been going through “The One True God” a workbook by Paul Washer. In it you study the attributes of God, and it’s been very helpful in really meditating on God. (You can download this book for free on the HeartCry website here)

Wow, this post turned out longer than I had intended it too. Thanks for the question, Meggie, and I hope that these few ideas are helpful. If anyone else has some thoughts on this, please share them in the comment section! I’d really like to hear them!

In Christ,



2 thoughts on “Ignite my Love, O God!

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  1. Thankyou so much Amy for this post, it has really got me thinking. I definatly could pray more than I do, I think I would really like to do the emailing thing…:D
    Circumstances have become much better since last I talked to you, and I know now that God is working in my life and I can feel and see it. I am being slowly ignited for Him.
    A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. (Proverbs 18:24) Thankyou, Amy!


    1. Praise the Lord that you can see Him working in you life, Meggie! Even though I’ve never actually met you, it’s a blessing to hear that!

      You’re welcome for the post :) I’m glad that it was helpful!

      Your sister in Christ,

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