“REMEMBER: He is worthy of every breath, of every beat of the heart. Oh, for a thousand tongues to sing and a thousand lives to pour out.”

“For the Christian there is nothing menial – Even giving a glass of water in Christ’s Name honors God and leads to great reward.”

“Do not fear the death of self, sacrifice, or a life of struggle. These are the very fires that forge a man into the image of Christ”

~Paul Washer


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  1. Dear Amy,

    Thank you so much for reminding me of those things.

    It is wonderful to remember that God thinks even our little acts of service are important.

    Hannah Elizabeth…

  2. Greetings Amy!
    Thank you for your sweet comment. I am so glad you decided to leave one for I love to “meet” my readers! You have a very lovely blog and I know I will be back to visit often.

    Now as for your question… Yes, I do use a photo editing website. I love to take pictures of just about anything, and I really enjoy taking them to for an extra special touch;) The number one reason why I use picnik is because it is FREE!:)

    Did you take the picture of the flower on your header? It is very pretty!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


    1. Hello McKenzie!
      Thank you so much for stopping by and for leaving a comment (I always enjoy comments!!)

      As I’ve seen the pictures on your blog, I was guessing that maybe you used picnik. I actually do, as well, and just like you, I like it because it’s free! =) Yes, I did take the picture of flower on my header.

      Thanks again for your sweet comment!~Blessings to you~

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