Quote From the Books Tuesday {9.21.10}

Time for another “Quote From the Books Tuesday”.  Today’s quote is on prayer…I’ve found it very helpful, and I hope that you do too.   From A Call to Spiritual Reformation by D. A. Carson:

“Much praying is not done because we do not plan to pray.  We do not drift into spiritual life; we do not drift into disciplined prayer.  We will not grow in prayer unless we plan to pray.  That means we must self-consciously set aside time to do nothing but pray. 

What we actually do reflects our highest priorities.  That means we can proclaim our commitment to prayer until the cows come home, but unless we actually pray, our actions disown our words. “

What a good thought!  It’s definitely easy to talk about prayer, but we need to make sure that, more importantly than talking, we are actually praying!

Hope that you all are having a great day!  I’ve been keeping busy so far working on writing the October-November newsletter, doing school, and reading through Matthew. 

God is good!  Praise Him today!  Praise Him always!

(Photo from Microsoft Office Clipart)

4 thoughts on “Quote From the Books Tuesday {9.21.10}

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  1. Oh Amy thank you for sharing! What a wonderful thought. Did you take the picture? If so, which camera do you own?
    I’ve been enjoying your posts, and I appreciate your sweet comments! =)
    May the Lord bless you today!
    Love in Christ,

    1. You’re very welcome, Annie! No, I didn’t take the picture…it was a photo from Microsoft Office Word clip-art that I found on my computer =) I’ll try to begin noting where the pictures are from, if I didn’t take them. In answer to your other question, I use a “Kodak EasyShare Z710” camera.

      Thanks so much for your kind comment. It was delightful to hear from you!!

      ~May the Lord bless your day~

  2. That book by D. A. Carson is so helpful in many ways. Thanks for sharing one of the ways in your posts. It is a great reminder.

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