Quote from the Books Tuesday {10.5.10}

This past week I received a blessing in the mail…a package of books from some friends! One of these books was Shadow of the Almighty by Elisabeth Elliot.  I have definitely been enjoying that book – a wonderful biography of Jim Elliot!  Just reading about his passion for God and diligence in seeking Him has been a great blessing. 

So of course, today’s quote is from Shadow of the Almighty:  

Of the flesh and its false emotions I have quite had my fill.  Of Jesus I cannot seem to get enough.  Thank God, though, He does not thwart the soul’s desire for Himself, but only whets the desire, intensifying, sublimating. 

Throughout the whole book, you can see this quote lived out.  He lived continually seeking diligently to know God more.  I want that in my life – to care less and less for the world, to not pursue the things of this life, but to follow earnestly after God, knowing Him more, loving Him more!   Seek only to be filled with God.  He is the One who truly fills and the One who truly satisfies!

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8 thoughts on “Quote from the Books Tuesday {10.5.10}

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  1. Amy,

    Thanks for your comments :) I love to read your blog as well :) And I’ve really been enjoying your book quotes :)

    I hope we can see you when we come home on Fall break! I miss you too!

    1. Oh, that would be great to see you when you come back on fall break!! When does your break start? Thanks for the comment :)

  2. Thats awesome Amy! Have you finished Shadow of the Almighty? I am reading it aswell. I am really enjoying it and trying to read it slowly… :)


    1. No, I haven’t finished the book yet. We seem to think alike…I’m trying to read it slowly as well :D I’m enjoying it so much I don’t want to finish it. :) Thanks for your comments…and the e-mail! I’m hoping to write you back soon.

  3. While I have never read the book that you mentioned, Jim Elliot’s life (as well as that of Elizabeth Elliot) has been inspiring to me. There are a couple of quotes from his writings that have been especially so, and I often think of them and am encouraged/convicted by them.

    In your post, I especially was blessed by what you shared in your last paragraph. May this be our heart’s goal and earnest desire to, as you shared, care less and less for this world and our flesh, but to instead earnestly desire and seek after more of Christ!

    1. I’m glad that you enjoyed the post, Sarah! Yes, Jim Elliot’s life has been very inspiring to me as well. It’s always wonderful to learn from the example of other strong believers. If you ever have opportunity to do so, I would really recommend reading “Shadow of the Almighty”. I’m not quite finished with it yet, but all that I have read has been great!

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