Quote from the Books Tuesday {10.12.10}

 Today’s quote comes from an unlikely source – Jensen’s Grammar by Frode Jensen.  It’s kind of unusual to go to a grammar book when looking for a helpful quote to share…but yes, this is a great quote, and from a grammar book :D…

 May you use your ability with language to glorify God, the great Creator of all things including language.

This quote is one of my favorites!  Writing is to be done for the glory of God!  All things, even our school work, must be done for the glory of God! 

Oh, and while thinking about doing school for God’s glory, take a look at this helpful article that one of the elders in my church wrote: Back to School for the Glory of God.

(Photo from Microsoft Office Clipart)

2 thoughts on “Quote from the Books Tuesday {10.12.10}

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  1. Hello Amy!
    Last year I read “Jensen’s Grammar” for school, but I don’t remember that quote. Thanks for sharing!! =) Also, I would like to read the article you linked to when I have the time.
    In Christ,

    1. You’re welcome, Annie :) If I recall correctly, this quote came from the very last lesson in Jensen’s Grammar. And yes, if you have time to read it, I think you would enjoy the article that I linked to. May the Lord bless you day!

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