Thoughts on Bible Memory

Once again, I’ve been gathering my thoughts for the next issue of “Far Above Rubies“.  This upcoming issue is on “Meditating on God’s Word”.  As I have been thinking about it, I keep coming back to how Bible memorization is so importatnt to meditating on the Word of God.

So, I’d like to ask you all to share your thoughts on Bible memory.  

  • Do you have a specific method you use to memorize God’s Word?  
  • What have you found helpful as you memorize? 
  • Do you prefer memorizing entire chapters or verses on a specific topic, etc.?
  • What are some of your reasons for memorizing Scripture?
  • How has Bible memory been beneficial to you in your walk with the Lord?

You can answer just some of these questions or all of them if you would like ~ which ever you choose is just fine!  Please leave a comment on the post sharing your thoughts and ideas on this topic. I will then include these comments in the upcoming issue of FAR

Comments that are left on this post, will not appear on the site until the newsletter is finished.  Once I have mailed out the newsletter, I will make the comments visible on my blog.  That way, when you get the newsletter you will not have already read everyone’s  thoughts on this topic. 

(Please note that I may not be able to include everyone’s comments in the newsletter.)

Thank you all so much for your help!  I can’t wait to hear what you all have to share!


11 thoughts on “Thoughts on Bible Memory

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  1. Hey Amy,

    yes! I loved that picture too :)

    As for answers to your questions…

    Do you have a specific method you use to memorize God’s Word?

    Um, not really a specific method. I think everyone has certain ways to memorize that helps them better than others. Some people learn better with song and others learn better just by repeating the verse over and over. I’m the latter :) I learn best when I talk the verse out and dig into it, repeating it over and over, and understanding the verse. Actually, I usually don’t set out to memorize a verse (although I do that too). I normally end up memorizing a verse simply because I’ve spent so much time looking at it.

    What have you found helpful as you memorize?

    As I memorize I find it helpful how the verse just play through my mind all day. I love it! When memorizing a verse it is hard to just forget it, especially when you aren’t just memorizing, but studying it as well. It is a good way to meditate on God’s Word throughout the day.

    Do you prefer memorizing entire chapters or verses on a specific topic, etc.?

    It depends. It’s easier for me to memorize specific chunks of chapters. And I also like learning various verse. I think the only time I memorize whole chapters is in the Psalms.

    What are some of your reasons for memorizing Scripture?

    Some of my reasons for memorizing Scripture is that I love how God uses the verses that I have memorized to provoke conviction and encouragement in me. Whenever a situation comes up where I’m worried, or unsure of what my response should be, God brings those memorized verses to mind. Or in situations like watching the sunrise, and God brings Lamentations 3:21-24, it’s just wonderful to have verses running around your mind all the time.

    How has Bible memory been beneficial to you in your walk with the Lord?

    Bible memory has been very beneficial in my walk with the Lord. I used to be part of AWANA and memorized verses every week. Sometimes I would get frustrated because I honestly did not think the verse would ever stick in my mind (like Romans 8:38-39 for example). But it’s wonderful to see God using those verses I learned so long ago in various moments throughout my day. :) I don’t really memorize verses anymore, although I should. I memorize some for school. But for the most part the verses I go over and study deeply for days are the ones that I end up memorizing… so it’s like an unintentional memorization :) And that has benefited my walk with the Lord. God uses the verses I learn, as I said before, to just pop up in my mind throughout the day. It is a wonderful way to meditate on the Word of God all throughout the day.

  2. To tell you the truth, I’m horrible at Bible memorization, or any memorization in fact. I didn’t do much memorization at all until I came to college. But when I do memorize bible passages I tend to put them to song or connect them to things that will help me remember them better. I prefer memorizing verses on a specific topic. Right now I’m memorizing verses for my Doctrine class. But I sometimes memorize verses that are encouraging to me, and that I hope to encourage others with.

    I hope that helps you :)

  3. Do you have a specific method you use to memorize God’s Word? – Only recently I have tried carrying around white cards with the Bible verses in my bag so that every spare moment I get I can memorize.

    What have you found helpful as you memorize? – Saying it over and over, sometimes if you just read your mind wanders and your not really learning it. I also like making posters to stick on my bedroom wall with them, so that I stared at the Bible verses I was learning all day everyday.

    Do you prefer memorizing entire chapters or verses on a specific topic, etc.? – Just verses at the moment, I hope to work up to chapters etc.

    What are some of your reasons for memorizing Scripture? – When the devil tempts we have verses to ground ourselves on and remind us and when we are talking to people about God we really need to be able to tell them about Gods Word even if we dont have a Bible with us.

    How has Bible memory been beneficial to you in your walk with the Lord? – I havent really done much memorizing yet, but when I am afraid at night time, thinking about Bible Verses really helps me trust in the LORD for safety.

    Thankyou Amy for doing this, I hope you get a lot more comments about it.


  4. Hi Amy!

    It was so good to hear from you! I hope you all are doing well. I meant to leave a comment a couple of weeks ago and let you know that the post you did “Cutting off Goliath’s head” was really encouraging – thank you!

    Any, now to my main point for this comment. :)

    This (meditating on God’s Word) is such an important topic and I confess, is one I’m still trying to work on. There are so many moments (and I’m speaking to myself here) that we waste in useless thoughts that we could be using to meditate on the word of our Lord and Savior. If we could learn to use the time that we are doing dishes, cleaning house, driving in the car, the spare couple of minutes we have here or there, and even in the shower!:) for meditation on what the Lord has told us, what a blessing it would be to our walk with Him!

    I have found that the more I memorize scripture and the more I meditate on it, the more ready I am to go about my tasks for the day and the more prepared for possible trials along the way. Also, the more scripture I hide in my heart, the more frequently verses are called to mind throughout the day and in certain circumstances and it is SUCH an encouragement!!! The Lord truly does speak to us through His Word and the more our hearts are turned to Him, the more He will fill them.

    My favorite way to memorize is probably a chapter at a time. I’m actually really enjoying working through memorizing whole books of the Bible. But, I’ve also really enjoyed memorizing individual verses as well. Especially if it is for a particular area that I am working on at that point in time, it can be a huge blessing to have a sword ready to wield!

    Something I have found very usful (my mother started this with me when I was in Kindergarten and it has been helpful many times since) is to read a passage through twice a day for a month to six weeks. By that time, you should normally have it memorized. I have started trying to read a passage through twice in the morning and twice at night (and even throuhout the day!) to memorize it quicker. Another thing that I’ve found really helpful is to write out on a little card the passage that I’m memorizing. Then, I stick it in my pocket (or skirt elastic! -safety pins come in handy :) and as I go throughout the day, pull it out to read it. It works out well having it right there!

    One more thing I would like to add, if anyone is having difficulty in memorization, don’t forget to ask the Lord to help you (this may seem too obvious, but I’m serious). The Lord commands us to hide His Word in our heart and if we ask Him to help us, He will be faithful to do so, for He promises that as well.

    I hope I haven’t gone on too long. :)

    Many blessings to you my dear friend! I am looking forward to the upcoming issue of “Far Above Rubies”!


  5. Dear Amy,

    It was a very creative idea to put the topic of your newsletter online! Anyway..

    ~The method that I use mostly for memorizing is remembering the verse in situations as it applies to my life. After that I can look back at the verse to see it I had it correct. :)

    ~ As I memorize I find it helpful to remember that this is God’s word and that if we use it we will be able to go through life as God planned for us.

    ~I mostly prefer to memorize one verse at a time as it applies to my life.

    I hope that this helps you Amy,

    Your writing friend,

    Hannah Elizabeth..

  6. I’ve only looked at your blog a few times, so I hope you won’t mind my commenting on this post. :)

    I really don’t have any *special* way for memorizing Bible verses; I generally just read the verse a few times, then repeat it over and over to myself until I can say it without making any mistake. I tend to make it my “verse of the day” by repeating it to myself off and on throughout the entire day.

    My daddy has always emphasized to us how important it is to meditate on God’s Word, and that is definitely one important reason why I try to memorize scripture verses. And you never know when you might not have your bible on hand to witness to someone, or even defend your beliefs, so being able to quote scripture passages is very important.

  7. What a wonderful idea, Amy! I am looking forward to hearing what all is shared on this topic. =)

    In response to your questions . . .

    Do you have a specific method you use to memorize God’s Word?

    When memorizing a single verse, I generally will write it out on a slip of paper and then will repeat a phrase out loud over and over until it is memorized, and then I’ll move on to the next phrase. Each time a new phrase is learned, then I’ll repeat together a number of times all of the phrases that have been memorized so far.

    I follow this same method when learning whole chapters as well (with writing each verse on a separate slip of paper.) I find that memorizing in this way works well for me! But perhaps the easiest way for me to memorize Scripture is when it is in song. I have been able to learn so many single verses, passages of Scripture, and whole chapters by singing them. I love this method of memorization! And as I enjoy singing while working, spending time outdoors, etc., it has been wonderful to be able to have Scripture songs to sing. The only possible downside to memorizing Scripture in song is that if I am trying to quote the verse, I often have to sing it in my head first! =)

    What have you found helpful as you memorize?

    Repetition! And lots of it. The more a verse is repeated the more solidly it is put into our memories . . . and eventually, it is not only in our short term memory, but also our long term memory, enabling us to recall the verses even years after memorizing them. Even after I have a verse (or verses) memorized well, I’ll review them often and will say them out loud while working around the house, doing outdoor projects, etc. Also, speaking out loud when memorizing has been a great help to me. Trying to memorize by repeating the verse ‘in my head’ has never worked for me!

    Do you prefer memorizing entire chapters or verses on a specific topic, etc.?

    I really appreciate having both entire chapters and individual verses memorized, but I think overall, the single verses that I have memorized have been the greatest help and blessing to me. But then, having whole chapters memorized has been a help as well!

    What are some of your reasons for memorizing Scripture?

    One of the main reasons that I memorize Scripture is to aid me in my walk with Christ and growth in Him. If I have verses memorized about being joyful always, forgiving others, serving the body of Christ, honoring my parents, setting my mind on things above, having a submissive heart, having a gentle and quiet spirit, etc., they are there in my memory for the Holy Spirit to bring to mind to guide and direct my steps throughout the day. Often when difficult situations arise, or if sinful feelings enter my heart or mind, Scripture will come to mind that will encourage, give wisdom, convict, and so much more.

    Another reason for memorizing Scripture is so I will be better prepared to “always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence” (1 Peter 3:15.) This has been a wonderful blessing to memorize Scripture in preparation for this, as so many times my family and I have found ourselves in situations where questions are being asked about our faith, or there are opportunities to share the gospel, or there is a brother or sister in Christ in need of edification or encouragement, and the list could go on and on . . . having Scriptures committed to memory are such a help in situations such as these!

    How has Bible memory been beneficial to you in your walk with the Lord?

    There are so very many ways that memorizing Scripture has been a blessing to me! Some have already been shared so far, and others have been: a closer and more intimate walk with the Lord, a deeper understanding of His Word, developing more of a heavenly mindset instead of an earthly mindset (as the Scriptures are in my heart and mind so they come to mind throughout the day), and so much more.

    Thank you again, Amy, for doing this, and I am looking forward to seeing the other responses!

  8. The general method my family uses for memorizing Scripture is the “Heritage Scripture Memory Plan.” Daddy also asks each of us to memorize our “age” Proverb (right now I’m working on memorizing Proverbs 15). Individually, I like to memorize Scripture that has special significance for my life at the moment. For example, if I find I’m having a hard time with my speech, I would memorize things like James 3:10, Proverbs 31:26, James 1:26, 1 Peter 3:10, and 1 John 3:18. Of course, there are many other verses that would qualify in this area, but I like to pick 4 or 5 to hide in my heart, then I can repeat them to myself when a temptation comes.
    Here are a few things I have found helpful in memorizing Scripture:
    1) I like to put it to the tune of a hymn or song and sing it in my head
    2) I like to write it down in my journal and read it often (preferably before every meal)
    3) I like to listen to it. We have some CDs that help with this or, if Daddy or Mommy know what Scripture I am working on, they will read it aloud to me several times a day to help me out.
    I don’t really have a preference on memorizing entire chapters or a few verses. I like to do both.  While memorizing a few verses is much easier to meditate on, memorizing an entire chapter gives you the context of the verses, which also has its benefits. 
    I think one reason for memorizing Scripture is to help us make right choices and not sin against God. Psalms 119:11 says, “Thy word have I hide in mine heart that I might not sin against thee.”
    A second reason would be that memorizing Scripture has helped strenghthen my walk with God. I have many times thought, “What should I do,” in a certain instance and the Holy Spirit brings a Scripture I have memorized to mind. A third reason is that it helps me hold onto God’s promises when things seem bleak – things He said He would do and I know He will.
    Amy, I hope this is helpful and not too late. Tell your family “hello” for me.
    In Christ,

  9. Wow! Thank you all so very much for your wonderful answers. I enjoyed reading each one of them, and I appreciate you all taking the time to share your thoughts! Thank you!

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