I Am Thankful

*In no particular order* I am thankful for …

:: Abundant life through Christ ::

:: Christ living a perfect life on earth, dying on the cross, and rising from the dead, taking away my sins ::

:: Precious promises in the Word of God ::

:: The opportunity to hear missionaries speak in the Church ::

:: Babies’ sweet smiles and laughs ::

:: Time spent with my wonderful family ::

:: All my wonderful friends ::

:: The gift of music ::

:: Cool autumn weather ::

:: Making new friends in the blogging world ::

:: Constant encouragement from my church family ::

:: Delicious smells from the kitchen ::

:: The promise that God’s name will be great among the nations (Malachi 1:11) ::

:: Being able to know my Heavenly Father ::

:: Baby sisters who give the sweetest hugs ::

:: Time spent in the Word of God ::

:: A brother who seeks to go to the mission field ::

:: Sisters who make me laugh so hard I cry ::

:: A little brother who is always telling jokes ::

:: My dear Mother who cares for her family ::

:: My loving Dad who faithfully leads his family in the truth ::

:: Ladies Bible studies in the middle of the week ::

:: Sermons by Paul Washer ::

:: Hard Lessons and the opportunity to learn them ::

:: Brothers and sisters in Christ who have given their lives so that others may hear the gospel ::

:: Fun times with friends ::

:: Handwritten letters in the mail  ::

:: Warm scarfs and jackets on cold days ::

:: A bookshelf full of encouraging books ::

:: A quite bedroom to study in ::

:: Long walks with my mother ::

:: Beautiful autumn colors ::

:: Fellowship with the people of God ::

Thank you, Lord, the Your many blessings in my life!

(All photos from Microsoft Office Clipart)

10 thoughts on “I Am Thankful

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  1. Those are all wonderful things to be thankful for, Amy! I know what you were meaning when you put “Sisters who make me laugh so hard I cry”. That was really funny:)

    Love ya, sis!

    1. Yes, I’m thankful for hugs too…and if I lived near you I’d give you one. I’m thankful for internet and e-mail as well to keep in contact with friends across the world =)

  2. I enjoyed this post, Amy! Isn’t it amazing to look back and see all of the things that the Lord has blessed us with? Both little things and big things . . . His hand is so clearly seen in our lives in so many ways if we just take the time to look. Reminds me of the old hymn “Count Your Blessings.” :)

    I hope that you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving together!

    1. Yes, there are so very many things that we have to be thankful for, and it’s always such a encouragment to spend time remember those blessing from the Lord. We did have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I hope that your family did also!

  3. Amy, I am sorry for my delayed response. We have been unable to be online for quite some time. Just too many other things needed doing.
    I wanted to let you know that Mommy got a new app on her phone and we have been listening to a lot of Paul Washer. I really enjoy it!
    One thing we have tried to focus on this season is being thankful for the trials…thankful for His Providence…thankful that when we see no way, He is in control and brings the trial for a purpose…thankful that He will make a way…thankful that joy comes in the morning…and so on. We are only content when we can thank Him for ALL things, good and bad.
    I hope you have a great week. I’ll try to get online more often!

    1. I completely understand about not having time to get online, Sarah! Please don’t feel bad about not commenting sooner! That’s wonderful that you have been able to listen to Paul Washer’s messages. I always enjoy listening to them. And thank you for sharing about your focus this season of being thankful for trials. You are so correct – true contentment can only come when we thank God for all things!

      It was so nice to hear from you again, Sarah! Thanks for the comment. I hope you have a wonderful week, also.

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