My God is Faithful, This I Know

Recently I have been blessed by listening to some of the poetry of Amy Carmichael.  In particular, a couple lines from a poem “His Faithfulness” have caused me to reflect quite a bit upon the faithfulness of God. 

O birds of God, come sing with me
My God is faithful, this I know
My Father, I have all in Thee
~”His Faithfulness”

The line “My God is faithful, this I know” sticks with me.   Many things have transpired in the year which is quickly coming to a close.  So many unexpected things have arisen this year, but through it all the Lord God has been faithful!  Consider the faithfulness of God displayed all around you.  The changing seasons, the rising and setting of the sun each morning and evening proclaim the unchanging faithfulness of God.  The growth you see in your life toward Christ-likeness shows the loving faithfulness of God.  The fulfilment of promises in Scripture shine the steadfast faithfulness of God.  Trials have come this year, trials will come next year.  Through each happening in your life rest in the faithfulness of God.  Rest in the fact that God knows, God cares, God controls, God is faithful.  

**How have you seen the faithfulness of God demonstrated this year? 
Please feel free to share!**


6 thoughts on “My God is Faithful, This I Know

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  1. This was beautiful, Amy, and it was a blessing to my heart to read. Thank you for sharing it! While there have been many joys this past year for us, there have been difficult times as well . . . and the Lord’s great faithfulness was proved true and constant throughout. What a comfort to be able to rest upon the fact that the Lord sees, He knows, He is holding us in His hand. He is there with us in the valley just as assuredly as He is with us upon the mountain top. Like you shared, trials came this year, and there will be more to come . . . and through them may we always trust in our Savior and Lord! Not fearing our despairing, but resting in Him.

    Thank you again for sharing, Amy!

    1. I’m glad it was a blessing to you, Sarah! Praise God that we can trust Him at ALL times! What comfort and peace there is in that!

  2. Wow, thats really great Amy! Images just flooded through my head of Gods faithfulness these last few months, thanks.


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