A Good Afternoon

What constitutes a good afternoon for you?



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    1. Page 154 of about 500. Thanks for keeping the younger children occupied this afternoon! I enjoyed the quietness around the house :)

  1. That looks like a great afternoon for me too! I read a section of that book, concerning the time he was involved in city mission work. Pretty interesting stuff. An afternoon playing racquetball isn’t bad either.

  2. Hi Amy,

    A good afternoon for me is reading a really good book especially missionary biographies.

    Nice picture, I really like it:)


  3. Hi Amy,

    For me, a good afternoon would be if I would get to read a nice book, or bake something yummy. Also like Rebekah said, I like to get my to-do list done.


  4. Hmmm… I think a good afternoon would be curling up in my bean bag with hot tea and my favorite book – after getting my extra studies and to-do list done! :) It seems like something always comes up though. :) Glad you had a great afternoon. I like the picture!


    1. What a pleasant sounding way to spend some free time…though you’re right, it does seem like something most always comes up. It’s very enjoyable when it works out.

    1. You’ve a perfect definition of a good afternoon for me too, except that I don’t jog…just insert the words “nice long walk” in the place of “jog” :) In answer to your question, the weather is delightful over here. It’s in the mid 60′s right now…very lovely. How’s the weather for you?

  5. A good afternoon: playing with my 14-month-old niece.

    A good afternoon: baking cookies.

    A good afternoon: spending time with really good friends.

    A good afternoon: reading good books.

    There are so many things that constitute a good afternoon! :) It’s hard to choose my favorite.

  6. A Good Afternoon at the moment would be: knowing I have accomplished everything that needed to get done, a good book, a friend to share it with, a stroll in the park, or even just a good discussion with my Mum over afternoon tea.


    1. Sounds very pleasant. I’d agree with you on all of those…except, I guess, that we don’t have afternoon tea :) I enjoy having good discussions with my mom when we go on walks together!

  7. Hello Amy!
    A good afternoon for me includes hot tea, delicious home-baked treats, and a friend to share it with. =) Oh, and don’t forget the camera!
    Many Blessings,

    1. There are so very many pleasant ways to spend an afternoon…your description of an afternoon sounds wonderful! Times spent with a dear friend are always a blessing (though sadly I most often forget to use the camera…I’m working on that :).

  8. It looks like you had a delightful afternoon, Amy! One kind of good afternoon to me would constitute a walk outdoors with my camera in hand . . . the warm sun shining, everything green, a gentle breeze blowing, flowers blooming, birds singing, bright blue skies with fluffy white clouds . . . happy sigh . . . can you tell that I am more than ready for spring?! =) Also reading outdoors is so pleasurable . . . or working in the gardens together with my family . . . I guess, a good afternoon for me is just about any simple thing that can be done around our place. Even hanging laundry on the line! And it’s always made better if there is family there to share it with. =)

    1. I know you do enjoy those walks outdoors with your camera in hand, Sarah…and I always enjoy the pictures you post on your blog afterward. It is a lot of fun to go out in God’s beautiful creation and capture the nature & animals on the camera. That’s wonderful that you and your family have such special times working together or just being with one another. Families are such a blessing :)

  9. laughing with family. reading a good book. spending time outside in 68-70 degree weather (have to specific right?) probably a lot more that i can’t think of right at the moment

    1. Those sound like great ways to spend an afternoon, Josie…definitely things I enjoy, too! =)

      Thanks so much for commenting!

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