Afternoon Thoughts

{Let me first mention (and perhaps apologize for the fact?) that this post does not have a set direction to which it runs.  No deep thoughts or point trying to be made…simply the ponderings of a very tired writer who considered either writing or taking a nap this afternoon.  As you may observe, she opted for writing.  The result of that choice is the follow ramblings.  And in case you’re wondering, yes, the blogging break is finished.  The ‘to-do’ list doesn’t quite concur with that, but I got sixteen out of nineteen things done, so we can call it good…right?}

The April showers have arrived.  It’s a gray, rainy day.  While others may be wishing for more spring time weather, I couldn’t be happier with the current grayness outside.  It tends well toward a long, tired afternoon spent thinking through things I don’t understand. 

It’s one of those days that being nine years old again sounds very pleasant.  My biggest worries had to do with accomplishing a math lesson every day and having memory verses learned by Friday.  Long afternoons were spent playing on the swing set with my seven-year old sister and discussing whatever seven and nine year olds discuss.  Those were good days.  Sometimes I wish I could revisit them. 

But of course, I can’t.  Larger ‘worries’ have come along.  The math lessons have all long since been finished; school affairs run along the lines of writing a novel and preparing for graduation.  Memory verses are no longer a task to be completed weekly—they’re a treasure to be stored away in my heart…riches from the King to be learned and meditated on.  Even the swing sets have disappeared and those long afternoons are spent studying, catching up on correspondence, cleaning, and being part of a wonderful family (those enjoyable sisterly chats yet remain, though.  Yay!).

I sat in the van observing people this afternoon as my mom ran an errand at the grocery store.  There was the elderly couple loading groceries in the trunk of their car…slowly, as if there was nothing else in the world that needed any attention at the moment.  They shut the trunk, pushed the cart to the cart return three parking spots away and buckled their seatbelts in a most leisurely manner.  And there was the hurried lady in the teal colored mini-van who parked next to us.  She talked excitedly on her cell phone while smoking a cigarette, drinking soda from a Quick Trip cup, and locating her purse from the empty seat beside her before disappearing into the store. 

So many different people… so many different stories, different pasts, different joys, and different pains.  So many people with one ultimate need—to know the Savior.  What am I doing to meet that need? 

It was easier when I was nine….thoughts of changing the world never once crossed my mind (only thing I worried about changing was the number of problems I missed on a math lesson)…but in the end I wouldn’t trade my life for days gone past.  There may be concerns to be considered and work to be done now, trials to face and pain to endure.  But there’s more.  There’s a beautiful thing called peace in my life; there’s confidence of a God who holds every fragile life in His perfect plan.  There’s an incomprehensible love that’s been shown to me through Christ’s death on the cross.  The implications of that love are deep; how does one understand such a thing and live in light of it?


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  1. Oh…thank you so much for this post! It perfectly applied to what has been going on in my life lately :) There have been several times recently that my friend and I have commented on how life was so “simple” when we were younger. This post was just what I needed right now!

    1. Rebekah, I really appreciate you taking the time to share that. It was very encouraging to hear that the post was helpful to you. Thank you!

  2. Hi Amy!

    I have had those sort of moments as well, when you look at different random people as they go about their life and you think about what their pasts would be, and you think how much they need Jesus. Hmm… Everyone is so different and has such different lives, you can never tell what they are like on the outside, but you always know that on the inside they are seeking the one thing only God can completely give: love.

    What am I doing about it? I only hope I am doing somthing!


    1. How true, Meggie! This has been a topic that has been on my mind a lot recently, and my church family has also been talking about it quite a bit of late. It’s so easy to go about our lives and forget that we are surronded by so many people who need the Lord.

  3. Yay, you’re back! I’m really, really excited about that {just in case you haven’t noticed}. You are becoming quite the writer! I always enjoy reading your long posts that you write.

    I agree with you completely, I like the dark, dreary, rainy days also. It makes you stay inside to do things, such as thinking on things you don’t understand. I’m not saying I don’t like sunny days though =)

    Ah, I remember those days, sitting on our swing-set talking together. We use to do that a lot, didn’t we *wink, wink*. I am glad that our long, sisterly talks haven’t dispeared like the swing set. I enjoy those talks a lot.

    Again, wonderfully written post, Amy! It was a great encouragement, and I enjoyed reading it!

    Love ya!
    Bethany Joy

    1. Aww, thanks, Bethany! You’re cheerful comment brightened my day. Yes, I guess I have noticed that you are excited about the return to the blog world. And now after all of your urging for me to return, you’re the one taking the blogging break…kind of funny :D I enjoy the talks a lot, too. Thanks for those, and for the comment!

      1. Yep, I think I did my blogging break at the wrong time. I guess it doesn’t really matter with you, because I’m still commenting on your blog {because I enjoy it so much!}


  4. I loved this post, Amy . . . it spoke to my heart and fit in so well with things that the Lord has been impressing on my heart. And like you, I have often thought things along the lines of “life was simpler” when I was a little girl =) . . . without the cares, the trials, etc. of adult life.

    Yet even in the hardships, trials, responsibilities, and cares of adult life, we can rejoice in that the Lord is giving them to us for a reason. And we can seek to use these circumstances for His glory and His honor. As you shared, to be a light for Him to those who are around us. I loved how you concluded your post by sharing:

    “There may be concerns to be considered and work to be done now, trials to face and pain to endure. But there’s more. There’s a beautiful thing called peace in my life; there’s confidence of a God who holds every fragile life in His perfect plan.”

    So beautiful and so very true. How good the Lord is to us!

    Thank you for writing down these thoughts and sharing them with your readers, Amy. They were a blessing to me!

    1. You’re very welcome, Sarah, and I’m so thankful to hear that the thoughts were a blessing to you! And thank you for sharing what you did in your comment. As you said, the things we face are given to us from the Lord and have a purpose in making us more and more like His Son. “We can seek to use these circumstances for His glory and His honor.” How true! Blessings to you!

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