I’ve shared this quote on my blog in the past; but, as there is no rule against posting something twice, I’m going to go ahead and…you guessed it!…post it again.  I’ve found it to be a very helpful thought; plus, it brings to mind one of the things I’m hoping to say in this post.

“Much praying is not done because we do not plan to pray.  We do not drift into spiritual life; we do not drift into disciplined prayer.  We will not grow in prayer unless we plan to pray.  That means we must self-consciously set aside time to do nothing but pray. 

What we actually do reflects our highest priorities.  That means we can proclaim our commitment to prayer until the cows come home, but unless we actually pray, our actions disown our words. ”

(D. A. Carson, “A Call to Spiritual Reformation”)

Recently, I had several conversations with people in our church, the topics either being prayer or something that prayer was closely tied into.  I came away from both conversations encouraged–encouraged because I’d learned some things, encouraged because I’d been reminded of some important things, and encouraged because of the fellowship with other believers who took of their time to discuss things with me.  It was good.  I saw more clearly my need to seek God more through prayer in many and various aspects of my life.

But here’s the confession.  I didn’t do much of anything about it. 

I intended to spend more time in prayer.  I knew I needed to.  But I was busy with other things.

A few days (nights) later, and night owl that I am, I was up later than the rest of my family doing somthing…can’t remember what.  But then I ‘happened’ (i.e. God providentially made me) to read a blog post about prayer. 

It hit me very hard. 

I suddenly knew that if I just continued on this summer keeping busy with everything I had to do, I’d never find myself spending more time in prayer.  Just because I had good resolutions and did desire to pray, it wasn’t going to happen because I wasn’t placing much of a priority upon it.

And then God reminded me of this verse:

“…Apart from Me, you can do nothing”
-John 15:5

How often do I truly live with my actions portraying to others that I believe the reality of these words of Christ?  How often am I driven to my knees as I see my deep inadequacies for the tasks that the Lord has called me to do? 

I do not want to spend my life only learning and conversing about prayer while not actually experiencing it.  I do not want to spend my life hearing about people who knew God in very real ways.  I do not want to know intellectually these things.  I want to know God deeply and personally.  I want to be changed by the living God.


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  1. Amy,

    I must say, that this post was very convicting, to say the least. Very. Convicting. The post that you read the other day, if I am thinking of the right one, was also very convicting.

    It’s something that I need to put more diligence into. Something that I have been slacking off in; thinking that I will do it later, but later never comes. There are so many things excuses that I can come up with, but none are good.

    I, also, can hear and have wonderful conversations about prayer. But that is not enough. No, that isn’t, as you said in your post.

    Well, I will end this long comment. Thank you again for the convicting and thouht provoking post, Amy.

    Pray for me, and I’ll pray for you.

  2. Thank you for another great post, sharing your thoughts and all. It’s funny in a way, because God has been making it clear to me, as well, that I need to pray more, and spend more quiet time in Him. Our lives get in the way a lot, don’t they? :)

    1. It is easy to let the busyness of life get in the way, as you said. We need to be ever so diligent to seek the Lord concerning this, to live as we ought.

  3. I have been think about much of the same things, it seems as though it ought to be easy, but it is hard. I have read many books that encourage me to pray, but actually doing so is something that I don’t do enough. The best way to learn to pray is not reading books, I find, but praying and praying until you know how. Thank you for posting this, it is as Bethany says ‘convicting’.

  4. This post really spoke to my heart, Amy . . . and it is closely related to some things that have been on my heart lately and something that my sister and I were just talking about this morning. In fact, much of what you shared here sounds exactly like some of what we had been talking about!

    Prayer really is a beautiful and special gift that the Lord has given to us . . . may we truly take hold of it and be “praying always” and always having “a spirit of prayer”. And also be seeking after having this kind of deep, intimate and strong relationship with the Lord. It thrills my heart just to think about what kind of relationship that we can grow to have with Him!

    Thank you so much for sharing this!!

    1. you for sharing how the Lord has been speaking to you regarding prayer, as well! It is truly a beautiful and special gift from God! Your comment was very encouraging to me.

  5. That quote (and this whole post) is so convicting, and so true. It can be easy to just be content with thinking about doing things, but never actually applying ourselves to do them (which can be applied to things outside the spiritual life too). Yet if we are to grow in Christ, we must work on them – we must “work out what the Lord has worked in” as Oswald Chambers put it. Prayer is something I struggle with too, yet as you shared, just thinking I need to pray more won’t actually make me pray more; I need to actively pray.

    Anyway, thank you for posting this; whilst challenging and convicting me, it has also encouraged me.

    Blessings in Christ,

    1. I’m thankful to hear that the post was encouraging to you, Anna. There is a need to be ever pressing on in our walk with Christ…another topic that has been on my mind of late! Thank you for sharing that quote, also.

  6. That is my wish as well. Not to just watch people expierence God, but to have Him in MY life, to expierence God myself, His grace.
    I am reminded of something I have always found difficult to ‘pray without ceasing’.

    Thanks for re-posting that quote, I dont remeber reading it before.


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