a time for everything

I’ve got what feels like at least a hundred things stacked up on my to-do list.  There’s homework from my college classes to be completed before the fast approaching due dates. Housework catches my attention whenever I walk out of my room. I’ve got to stay on top of my writing every single day if I want to make my goal for the month. Leaves to rake, pumpkins to harvest, laundry to iron. You know those days where there’s so much to do that you cant even figure out where to start?

And then there’s little people knocking on my door.

“Amy, will you read to us?”

“Amy will you play with us?”

I sit down on the floor and take them in my lap.

“Do you know what it’s like to be a big person?” I ask.

They shake their heads. “No, but maybe one day we will.”

“When you’re a big person, you have so much to do…” I try to explain the to-do list.

“But do you really have to do all of that?”

“Well, yes.”

It’s time to send them away and get back to work.

But instead we read a book.  The seven year old sounds out the words. The four year old points out the pictures.  We give each other hugs. And laugh.

Long as the to-do list is, it will always wait for me.  Soon, the little people will be big people, though. No waiting around until my never ending to-do list is completed. We’ve got to play and laugh and read together while we have a chance. <3


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  1. Miss Amy- I am ashamed to say that I was not taught nor did I “get” that the time with our little people is so very brief. I am so encouraged to see that you understand this at such a young age and you don’t even have children of your own(yet :-) ) Blessings.

  2. I know the feeling! At our Bible study a few weeks ago we looked at doing what’s important instead of what’s urgent–it’s a lesson I too often forget myself! Thank you for the reminder. :)

    1. You’re welcome, Briana. That’s a lesson I have to continually work on for myself, also.
      Also, I’d been wanting to find your blog again, so I’m glad you commented, since I couldn’t remember the address. :)

  3. Yes, as we get busier and busier we need to remember those that we can so easily push aside, our sisters and brothers and family. Thanks for the reminder, Amy. Love you heaps :)

  4. Every once and awhile we all need that kind of break. :) Oh the simple joys we have to deny during college!

    Nice to see an update!

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