if we talked

i think i want to talk
to you
‘cause you’re different
in a good way
you like stuff i don’t
you go places i don’t
you know things i don’t
you tell stories i don’t
you feel emotions
and i do too
if we talked
you could tell me
about you
if you told me what you love
why you’re sad
what makes you smile to yourself
who you miss
i would listen
we could learn
how similar we are
and different
maybe we could be friends
if we talked


8 thoughts on “if we talked

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  1. I liked your thoughts Amy, so simple and meaningful. How many times are we told to find others who share our OWN interests instead of being open to converse with many unique individuals? Thanks Amy.

  2. Very good, Amy! How are you? I’m considering starting my blog up again, or begin a new one. How’s your year been so far?


    1. Thanks, Amy! It’s good to hear from you! My year has been absolutely crazy! o.O And I can’t believe it’s almost over. Thanks for asking :) Let me know if you start blogging again! :)

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