the good stories

I enjoy stories as much as the next guy. (Or maybe more, never know.) People fascinate me, even the fictional ones, and I want to know them and their stories, and see what’s going to happen. But sadly, not all authors write worth my time. Much as I don’t like it, this means giving up stories, but in their place I’ll choose good stories.

The good stories help me grow. They help me love God and other people. They teach me to think and feel more deeply. They do not fill my mind with filth or violate my knowledge of decency or beauty. They increase my wisdom.

The good stories are not concerned with being popular. If every cool kid in the country has raved over it, I’ll likely be better off not bothering with it. Contemporary culture is stagnant and obsessed with everything that leaves it just that way. I’ll take the stories that can stand on their own, that transcend time and place–the ones that live on.

The good stories imitate the best story, God’s story. This one story outshines all others. Begun around six thousand years ago and still being told in each of our lives, this story unfolds as the grandest masterpiece ever created. This story tales of darkness, all while shining light brighter than the darkest dark. It chronicles people struggling, winning, feeling, giving up, losing, holding on. It offers hope and promises that hope does not disappoint. It showcases God. These are the kind of stories I want.

The good stories are nothing to be ashamed of. These stories enrich my life and honor the One who made stories in the first place. So I don’t care what people think, I just want the good stories.

It’s time to leave behind the stories that don’t measure up and find the good ones. Take those and savor them. The good stories are worth our time.

Mr. Collins P&P

“Protested that he never read novels”

(Yes, it’s Mr. Collins. You’re welcome. No, I don’t agree with him.)


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  1. “The good stories are not concerned with being popular.” Love this! Good stories are a lot like good people, aren’t they? ;) (not that there is such a thing as a perfect person, but…the kind of person who is just nice to be around…)

    1. I think you’re right about that, Briana. :) Your comment reminded me of how the Bible has a lot to say about what kind of people we become close friends with, and there’s definitely similarities between the two! Thanks for that thought!

  2. These are my thoughts exactly, and you expressed them perfectly. I think this is a good challenge for writers as well as readers! Thanks for sharing, Amy. :)

    1. I agree, these thoughts really go for writers just as much as readers–if not more! Authors need to write this way, so people can have good stories to read. :)

  3. This is good, Amy. I LOVE stories, too, but you are right: not all are worth my time. Thank you for this wonderful reminder and inspiration! I especially like point three: “The good stories imitate the best story, God’s story.”

    1. Thanks, Jonathan! I know you”ll keep writing these kind of stories, since you already do! And I know a lot of the thoughts here originated in some ways for me from conversations we’ve had about that. :)

  4. I think that everyone who commented before me said exactly what I thought. :)
    Hope my picture isn’t too freaky… It’s me with disgusting makeup on for a movie we made. :)

      1. Yep, I was! It’s too bad you weren’t there… does your family have a video of it? It was really, really good. Rosie A. and Bethany (your sister) and your mom did really, really well! So did Elissa Martin’s husband.

  5. Hey Amy, I just came across your blog. Thanks for this post! It was encouraging and motivating to me :) I need to keep this in mind everytime I choose a book to read.

      1. Yeah, somehow I forget good reminders like these quickly and am always needing to be reminded of them. Haha. That’s one thing that stuck out and what I loved this past week at Nats – being around all of you, seeing so many kids not seeking the secular entertainment of the world, but after the “good stories”. I hardly see that so it was very refreshing. :)

      2. That’s certainly an encouraging and impactful thing, being around people who are willing to go against the flow and make godly life choices. Sadly, as you said, it’s very rare, but it ordinary people like you and the others who can make the difference, so keep it up. :)

  6. Mmhh, amen! Yes, I agree. And God gives talent to people like you who can write posts/books that will encourage all of us who try to live for Christ. :) So again, thank you. You could have used that talent for your own uses, but instead, chose to glorify God. :)

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