everybody’s busy

There’s one word that seems to pretty much describe almost anyone I talk with.


Ask people how they’re doing, and they’ll probably tell you they’re busy. Or, if someone asks me first, I’ll take the honor of saying it to them instead.

face-701526_960_720If, however, you want the details of my busy, not just the bare-bones acknowledgment of it, I’d be much less likely to have an answer for you. Somehow the thoughtful question,”How are you?” has turned into meaning simply, “What has been happening?”

It seems busyness is an undeniable part of the lives that we live in America. But that doesn’t mean that any of us have to be overcome by busyness. Let’s not grumble because we hate being so busy, or just give in because we can’t seem to change things. There’s a better way to approach a busy life.

Overcome the busy epidemic by being thoughtfully busy about the things that matter. We don’t have to do what everyone else does “just because.” And busy won’t be so intimidating if we care about what we’re doing, and fill our time with things that matter.

Pursue deeper relationships with the people close to you by answering something other than “busy” when they inquire how you’re doing. Are you frazzled by all the busy? Do you feel invigorated by all that’s been going on? Go ahead and say so! There is a better answer than “busy” when someone inquires how you are doing.

Stop and think about all the things that are easily forgotten in God’s beautiful world. The person standing in line ahead of us in the grocery store (yes, I mean even the one holding up the line)–that person right there has a whole life that we don’t know anything about. But they love someone (hopefully!) and something matters to them deep in their heart, and they cry about something when they’re all alone (unless maybe they’ve been through so much hurt that they have forgotten how to cry). If you knew their story, you might cry, too.

And remember that grass grows up green out of little seeds buried in dirt, and somehow it pokes its tiny head up into the world, aiming straight for the sky because God told it to do that.

God didn’t make all this just so we could trample it down in order do all the things we have planned. Consider, feel–even enjoy–because God made a world and called it good.

Bless God no matter what circumstances hold. Sometimes the seasons of life and busyness are beautiful and sometimes they bring weariness we don’t want to face. No matter what we face, we should learn to look to the sky and bless God for it from our hearts. Busyness comes as a God appointed circumstance, meant to grow and refine us, not eat us up and dictate our lives.

Today even busyness can be beautiful.



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  1. Oh, this is so true. Thank you.
    “And remember that grass grows up green out of little seeds buried in dirt, and somehow it pokes its tiny head up into the world, aiming straight for the sky because God told it to do that.”

    That’s beautiful. I love how you wrote that.
    One thing that I pinned up on my Lino wall (’cause in this digital age we tack up virtual stickynotes to virtual corkboards, doncha know) was this: “I steward my time the best I can so I can be the most effective, but I do not idolize my schedule over God’s plan for my day. I obey Him when he changes my schedule.” It’s possible to be insanely busy and miss the things that God wants us to pay attention to. Relationships are more important than to-do lists and accomplished projects.

    If you can’t say amen you gotta say ouch.

    1. That’s a really good quote! I’m going to save that one! It sure can be easy to get our priorities mixed up, but it’s so important to focus on honoring God with our time, and so much more rewarding when we do that. Thank you for taking the time to comment and share your thoughts! :)
      (p.s. It was nice to hear from you again!!)

      1. Yessss. It’s true. I tend to idolize my schedule, even if it’s not a schedule at all– I get so focused on what I want to be doing instead of what God wants me to be doing.

        (^.^ I’ve kinda fallen off the face of G+ earth lately, haven’t I? Of course, most of the other old faithful people have, too)

        1. I’m not actually on G+ myself these days, but I have noticed that perhaps social media doesn’t get the role it had a couple years ago amongst people whom I used to dialog with. Either way, I’m glad you’re around here! I was taking a peek at your blog the other day and remembering the discussions we used to have about illustrating. =)

          1. Yeah, the social media thing has really fluctuated over the past number of years. I miss the edifying discussions that used to happen, but I guess that was just a season of life. Anyway, I got some really good friends out of it! {chuckles}

            Yeah! Do you still draw very much? I’ve been working a lot lately on really getting my art-stuff going. It’s been fun.

          2. I haven’t done as much art as I would have liked this year, but I still work at it, and actually recently, I’ve been sitting down and making more time for it in my schedule. Glad to hear you’ve been doing the same!

  2. Thank you for this good reminder. :D
    “Busyness comes as a God appointed circumstance, meant to grow and refine us, not eat us up and dictate our lives.” – I really like that.

    So is this where I ask “How are you doing?”? ;)

    1. Oh good! If I can say so, I like it too–because it’s so easy for me to feel like all the busyness is just messing up my life. The truth is 1) the busyness is part of my life, not an outside force hurting my life & 2) God made and gave me the busyness. You know, I just write this stuff because I need to hear it all. ;)

      Thanks for asking–I’m doing well! Trying to help out with all the BB studying that still going on around here, and particularly making a point of more writing time in my schedule. I’m excited about all that God is doing that I can look around and see, in my own life and people around me. How are you?

      1. Haha, you wrote it so I think you should be able to say that. ;p Exactly! I like the 2 points you made – so true. I think a question that we should ask ourselves, as well, would be “what are we doing with the busyness God has placed in our lives?”. I know, at least for me, that sometimes I get super busy because I don’t use my time wisely and so the important things get piled up and don’t get done – which then can cause me to have a wrong attitude/outlook on everything.
        Haha, :) yeah, and you can put it into words, where as we can’t – so then we can benefit from it, as well.

        :) good! Aw, I bet that’s fun to be apart of! Are they studying for the GS as much as they did for Nats? Will you be going down for the GS? Oh Good! Indeed ;) there is so much God is doing around us that a lot of times I don’t always see because I’m caught up with my own things – glad you can see it all!

        I’m doing well. ;) My three sibs are coming home from college tomorrow for winter break so it’s going to be awesome seeing them and feeling like a family again :P I’m struggling with trying to get my school done and using my time wisely – so it’s always great to be reminded by my friends of what’s important. :)
        (Sorry this is so long!!!!)

        1. That’s a good question! Asking self-evaluating questions like that can be very beneficial. I’m still working on using my time wisely, too.

          Yep, they’re studying just as much for GS, I’d say, but no, I’m not going down. They’ll be plenty to keep me busy with at home. Aw, that’s great that some of your siblings are coming home for a visit! Enjoy that! I bet it’s hard, not having everyone at home anymore. I’m glad you’re doing well. :)

          1. Mhm :)

            Ah, okay. Haha! I’m sure, are you constantly working on your book? Thanks, and yeah ;) I hope to. Yeah, it can be. A lot of this past month it has just been my younger brother and I home – it’s very quiet around here now. So yeah, having older sibs back helps a lot! ;D
            :) thanks. Didn’t you say you help your dad with selling property, or something? (My memory slipped ;p) isn’t that on your black “I don’t want to go into this job” list? Correct me if I’m wrong ;)

          2. That’s good–glad your siblings are able to be home right now! Enjoy that!
            I haven’t been able to work on my book as much as I would have liked, but I keep thinking about it, and will hopefully continue making progress soon! I don’t do much with the real estate business side of things anymore, but you’re correct that was one of the endeavors I tried and decided against. :)

  3. I’m too busy to do this, but here it goes: I am one of those that constantly says “bizzy!” As I read in Luk 17:7 But which of you, having a servant plowing or feeding cattle, will say unto him by and by, when he is come from the field, Go and sit down to meat?
    Luk 17:8 And will not rather say unto him, Make ready wherewith I may sup, and gird thyself, and serve me, till I have eaten and drunken; and afterward thou shalt eat and drink?
    Luk 17:9 Doth he thank that servant because he did the things that were commanded him? I trow not.
    Luk 17:10 So likewise ye, when ye shall have done all those things which are commanded you, say, We are unprofitable servants: we have done that which was our duty to do.
    As I meditate on this verse I realize my life is not my own. As a bond servant I don’t get to decide when I can stop and rest or recreate. Does my Master have more for me to do. I’m having trouble with these thoughts right now. I just want to sit down in the evening and let my Master serve me! Maybe I’m not busy enough. Will He not strengthen.

    1. I’m glad you found the blog link, and appreciate the comment despite all the busyness! Interesting that you would bring up those verses…I think the concept that our lives belong to the Lord is really at the heart of this discussion. We get busyness because God gives it too us, and so we need to faithfully work through it as ‘an unprofitable servant,’ simply doing what God has commanded us. Thanks for bringing that up!

    1. *hugs back* You’re so welcome. :) Getting back into the swing of normal life can be difficult sometimes, but I hope it goes nicely! And it was lovely to squeeze a little visit with you in between all the busyness recently. <3

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