what is art?

photo-1433574466251-fe1be0d9b3d2I was excited to have the chance this week to share another guest post on my brother’s blog! (If you haven’t already subscribed to his blog, now would be a great time to do so!) I’m sure it will come as no surprise that I used the opportunity to talk about art again.

Several months back, I took some time to answer a significant question: is art important? From the Word of God, the conclusion was a resounding YES. But while art may be important, one crucial question remains unanswered. What is art after all?

Art has multiple aspects which make it appear at first glance to be a difficult field to define. Add to that the twisted definitions of our culture, and art now indicates a wide array of things to our society—ranging from the fine arts of the masters to things so deluded we would be ashamed even to see them. Thankfully, as the Bible affirms to us that art is important, it also guides us to a clear understanding of what art actually is.

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