good to be here

After a stressful or busy season of life, when finally enjoying that long-awaited vacation, you might let out a deep sigh and breathe out the words while you kick back and relax. After being apart from dear friends, when you at last are back in one another's company, you might say it once you have... Continue Reading →

the day an angel came to Mary

We are acquainted in some measure with Mary, the girl "blessed...among all women" who was chosen to give birth to Jesus. One day in her young life, an angel appeared. It may have started off as a very ordinary day for Mary, though it certainly did not end that way. The angel carried to Mary... Continue Reading →

hunger deeply

Come quickly— The Savior stands ready, forgiving Drink freely— His water is yours without cost Rest abundantly— In His peace, to the world, unknown Love unreservedly— For He, the Savior, loved us first Abide safely— Shadowed beneath the Almighty Seek fervently— He has promised a reward lies ahead Hunger deeply— In Him your soul shall... Continue Reading →

a reflection on living

Sophie Scholl was an ordinary girl: she grew up in a normal family, got an education, struggled to make sense of a torn-up world, and nurtured hopes and dreams in her heart. But there was more to her story. In the early 1940's, she became a part of the White Rose, an anti-Nazi activist group that her older... Continue Reading →

mindful of GOD

I've spent a quiet morning gearing up for another busy week. It's looking to be a week full of really good things- dear friends visiting, time with the church, fellowship over Scripture memory. And it will be busy. This morning, I needed quiet to focus on the Lord. The Word has a lot to say... Continue Reading →

this ordinary day

I wrote about it recently- the fact that our everyday living is the thing that propels us forward. As I've discussed it with others, I've found this idea resonates in a bigger way than I had expected. So many people need to feel the same need to make sense of ordinary repetition.    *    ... Continue Reading →

again & again

The world is a repetitive place. Life moves along in days, seasons, and years. Each day we get up, eat three meals, and go to bed again only to repeat it tomorrow. King Solomon recognized this: "The sun rises, and the sun goes down, and hastens to the place where it rises. The wind blows to... Continue Reading →

perfectly curated life

Social media is the perfect place to find perfect looking lives. Sometimes it feels like every Instagram account records the life of an adventurer, heart filled with beautiful dreams while inhabiting the coziest coffee shops around. It can be hard not to look at social media sometimes without wanting a life like that.  What if you had everything... Continue Reading →

everybody’s busy

There's one word that seems to pretty much describe almost anyone I talk with. Busy. Ask people how they're doing, and they'll probably tell you they're busy. Or, if someone asks me first, I'll take the honor of saying it to them instead. If, however, you want the details of my busy, not just the bare-bones acknowledgment... Continue Reading →

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