a space for spoken words

Written words often seem to be the greatest asset. Even when I can't necessarily say what I'm thinking, I still have written words. I can blog them, email them, text them, scribble them down and look at them. Writing means I can make a thought sound exactly like I wanted it to sound, and give... Continue Reading →

five methods for keeping a journal

On the subject of keeping a journal, some people can't do without it, some couldn't care less, and some aren't sure how to journal. Thankfully, writing a journal is something that's hard to do wrong, which tends to be a reason for me to enjoy the art.  The past five years have transformed my personal journaling... Continue Reading →

on being unique and authentic

I have two overarching thoughts about the fashion industry. First of all, individualistic people shop at thrift stores. For all the hype about being unique, it makes no sense to me how people shop by trends. Like I heard once, "If it comes in Small, Medium, and Large, it's not unique; it's commercial." Regardless of... Continue Reading →


Society craves authenticity, as if honest living alongside our fellow humanity is a lost treasure. I remember the first time I realized someone asking me, "How are you?" was nothing more than an acknowledgement of my presence rather than a legitimate inquiry. They don't really intend for me to answer that. We want open, honest living together because... Continue Reading →

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