paths of progress

I was honored to have the opportunity to share a guest post at Satisfied by Grace today. This blog belongs to a wonderful friend of mine, and I would encourage you to check out her writing! From time to time, we inevitably look at our lives and question whether we’re getting where we want to go. That... Continue Reading →

truth for your hard times

Where do you go when you're facing your hardest times? I've been noticing a trend lately: when people are in a difficult trial, compassion and truth are often pitted against one another. Perhaps you've noticed this, too, depicted in media and hinted at in well-meant advice. Either we sympathize with with a hurting person, or we... Continue Reading →

how about a ‘thank you’?

When I met a well-known preacher at a conference just several weeks before turning twenty-one, he asked me if I was fifteen. That certainly was not exactly what a hoping-to-sound-mature twenty year old was looking for. In the end it didn't matter because my point in meeting him was not to talk about my age but rather... Continue Reading →

happily being with christians

Earlier this year, I wrote about selfish fellowship- interaction that is merely looking out for one’s own best interest under the guise of actually caring for others. I had been around other Christians and it had discouraged me.  But now, after an incredibly refreshing weekend of fellowship with saints, it seemed fitting to again revisit... Continue Reading →

there’s nothing like a morning

Morning is a beautiful time of day. The sun pushes through the nighttime sky, rising in a brilliant array of colors. The world seems to wake up slowly and quietly- just the way it should- and with a surprising freshness. In spite of all this, rising early is difficult for some people. Personally I've declared, "I'm not... Continue Reading →

selfish fellowship

Early spring each year finds me traveling south to enjoy the Texas sunshine with other Christians. There's Bible preaching and earnest prayer meetings, plus lots and lots of fellowship time. It's a special time, and each year I find myself more blessed by what is taking place. There is one difficulty, however, that meets me... Continue Reading →

when HE has tried me

The book of Job is striking in many ways. We find Job a righteous man, a conscientious parent, defender of the helpless, living an upright life before the Lord. A lot is revealed about Job's life in retrospect, as he defends himself before his friends. He appears to have lived with a level of dedication to righteousness that... Continue Reading →

words on waiting

Of all the things that I could spend my time doing, waiting tends to be one of my least favorite options. As it seems, it's also proven itself to be a consistent pattern in my life. While walking through seasons of waiting, I've struggled many times, mostly because I want what I want when I want it, and so I've wasted... Continue Reading →

a quick word on technology

Cells phones and internet were just starting to be normal life when I was young, but by the time I become old enough to realize it, they were already popular. Before long, it seemed like everyone had a cell phone and then came smartphones. When I spent a week alone at home this past summer, I found... Continue Reading →

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